Saying Yes Or Saying No?

Saying Yes Or Saying No? 

yes or no

In life many times we are presented with situations that ask something of us or offer us opportunities. They make us question what we are doing and suggest to us that perhaps we should change direction. To remain in flow with life is to remain bring about changes in the self that situations want from us, as long as it is in agreement with our conscience. But for that, we should be clear about what we say yes to, and what we say no to.

 When you put your heart into something and your mind is centered, the energy flows powerfully towards there. It is a question of listening to your heart, and daring to say yes or to say no. 

We have to say it keeping our conscience and action in line, in order to maintain honesty and integrity. 
Personally, we all live through difficult and uncomfortable situations, but in your heart you need to know that you will definitely be there.

 The trust in yourself, and the confidence that everything will work out fine, knowing that there is some hidden lesson that you have to learn, helps you to say yes.

 It is what the situation asks of you, although you prefer to be in some other more comfortable situation - a less risky or seemingly negative one. It is important to hear the voice of time, of the moment, of the situation and trust that it would strengthen you, with which it would bring you closer to greater personal development and to your destiny as a person, and also brings about global benefit since you are a part of society, a part of humanity. 
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  1. Sir,you have written very good quotes here. :)